Who is toya carter dating

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In November of that same year, while still mourning her brothers’ deaths, Toya announced that her Godmother and close friend had also passed away.

Our condolences to the Hardy family, fans and Toya during this difficult time.

She has been a bit inconspicuous of late, and people were wondering where she was, leading to speculation that she is expecting a child. The first thing people want to know is: Who is Toya Wright pregnant by?

So who is Toya Wright dating now in 2017 and why is this such a big secret?

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He also runs a clothing brand called 2 Commas as well as a concierge travel business that caters primarily to NBA players.

Just a few months back Toya Wright was hosting a baby shower for her best friend. But as soon as it was revealed that she was expecting all anybody seemed to care about was who the daddy might be and whether Lil Wayne might have impregnated his ex wife.

That’s what people don’t understand, it’s bigger than us being together. I’ll always have his back, I’ll always go to bat [for him] because I’m like a real loyal person that’s just who I am and the way I was raised. That’s just the relationship we have." While there will always be clamoring for the two to get back together, Toya says only time will reveal what's in store for them.

"People be like, ‘well, are you guys going to get back together, are y’all dating, are you secret lovers? "You never know what the future holds and as of today, the almost 30-year-old Toya [says] not in the near future." Watch Toya's full Facebook Live below.

Well BOSSIP can definitely confirm that Wayne is NOT the father and we’ll be the first to also confirm who is.

While Toya was rumored to be dating an NBA agent, our inside sources tell us that the lucky guy is this Atlanta sports manager, Robert Rushing, known to his associates as Red.

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