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If you’re running on 2006.0 like this VM, then it will remove that profile, leaving you with a broken /etc/make.profile symlink, and a lot of the packages that you’ll need to update the system (update in a “normal” way) have been removed from the Gentoo mirrors, causing quite the headache.

With that out of the way, if you’re still interested, let’s begin! Luckily for us, Gentoo provides incredibly old packages.

Remember to use the correct chost-gcc_version below.

Now at this point, the Gentoo GCC upgrade guide recommends that you rebuild your entire toolchain and world with an empty portage tree (basically, re-installing everything) with the new compiler.

We have to edit the bash ebuild and remove the requirement for portage.

(I use nano because I’m familiar with it, if you use something else, then substitute nano with your editor of choice.) In nano, search for the line that looks like “RDEPEND=”$”.

You should probably read ahead in this section to be aware of things that might come up.

Obviously, after “fixing” all of these, keep running `emerge -uav ND world` until you run into the next problem.

Portage thinks you’re using python2.4, but you installed python2.5 from a pre-built package, so you’ve confused it. Your next problem might be with sts-libs/timezone-data.

In the old versions, timezone data was provided by glibc, but was moved to a new package later on.

This, however, causes some collision problems, so for that package turn on collision ignore: Your next problem might be file collisions with perl and perl-core/Test-Harness.

If you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back, you haven’t fucked anything up yet! As you know, we need a newer version of bash, but portage still internally thinks we’re running the old version of portage, which is blocking bash.

There’s a quick-and-dirty workaround for this, though.

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