Transmen dating

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We find comfort in labeling our experiences and the experiences of others so that we can process where we fit into society.As comforting and confirming as labels can be, they are also limiting and often lead to a hierarchy of “better” and “worse” options.

But there was still no special dating site catering to the unique needs of transmen.

This struck a particularly personal chord with me, as I met my own wife over ten years ago in an online group.

I knew the Internet held great promise as an effective place to seek a partner.

One kind of queer is no less than another kind, and all need an equal platform for being heard and celebrated. You are finding partners who are okay with you being a gay man. Look into outlets for other trans men who will not only be comfortable with all of your identities, but who will also genuinely connect to your experiences. There are bi and pansexual men who aren’t attracted to only one gender/sex and can be completely and totally into every part of who you are.

You shouldn’t have to feel afraid of disclosing your identity and truth in order to find love/sex/companionship. Laura, I hear people in the queer community talk about being “tops” or “bottoms” and feeling very strongly about which one they are.

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