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These zones are varied proportionally to provide optimal vision under different lighting conditions..The Acry Sof Re STOR 4.0 was the first FDA-approved diffractive multifocal IOL.Its design is based on the optical principle of apodization—a series of graduated steps that result in diffraction of light at both distance and near.The Re STOR 4.0 includes a 4.00D add, which yields a 3.20D add at the spectacle plane.It is also the site of the annual Texas Folklife Festival, a celebration of the many ethnicities that make up the population of Texas.In addition to its cultural offerings, San Antonio is also home to many prestigious universities, including the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University, St.Since the mid 1980s, dozens of FDA trials have examined the efficacy and safety of presbyopia-correcting IOLs.

It would be a shame to have cataracts clouding your vision in this beautiful city with its many visual delights.

A recent update to the Re STOR, version 3.0, includes a 3.00D add that yields 2.50D at the spectacle plane and is intended to enhance intermediate vision..

FDA-approved in January 2009, Tecnis is the newest diffractive multifocal IOL available in the United States.

When visiting San Antonio for cataract surgery, you may wish to explore the city’s history by visiting the Institute of Texan Cultures located in downtown San Antonio.

The museum features permanent exhibits of 26 different ethnic and cultural groups, along with numerous touring exhibits, publications and a library.

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