Swinging people for sex datings

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Emotional monogamy and primary commitment to the love relationship with one’s marital partner is the base rule.

Swinging sex is usually done in the presence of one’s spouse and requires the consent of both partners.

Awakening to a different part of oneself is in many ways the mystery and the journey of discovering our sexuality.

It is like she is a different person while having sex.

I would be curious to try it again, but she won’t even talk about it. Thanks for bringing up this question about the swinging lifestyle.

"I care too much and I love too much." And so she wants to spread that love over more than one person, maybe you and your boyfriend or you and your girlfriend—hit her up.

Her one requirement is simple: "I just want to be accepted for who I am." You can do that, right? You can't move forward into thinking about all the very new (and sometimes very old) alternatives to monogamy if you don't first confront your own feelings on the topic.

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