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Rather than begin work on a new script, Warren adapted Our Street for Granada under the title Florizel Street, set in a terraced street in Manchester.The script would eventually become the first episode of Coronation Street.

These are the driving forces behind life in a working class street in the north of England.

On monitors placed around the Granada building, a lunchtime screening of the dry run took place for all staff, who then filled in questionnaires giving their views on what they had seen.

Although praise was not unanimous, many responded favourably to the characters and their everyday problems.

The purpose of Florizel Street is to examine a community of this nature and, in doing so, entertain".

On 25th August Granada, with some reluctance, commissioned a 12-part series written by Warren, with Stuart Latham as producer, H. Kershaw as script editor and Elton as its executive producer.

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