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My mother worked across the street from the New York City Pubic Library, where she got me my own library card as soon as I was old enough.In my teens I would spend an hour or so there while I waited for her, after my classes and after-school activities.Start with a brief sentence about their day or a fun writing prompt and incrementally increase the amount of writing every week.Make it a game and not a chore Pick books to read and topics to discuss that your child enjoys.While it is undoubtedly important for students to grasp academic concepts through traditional learning and classic methodologies in classroom, it is impactful to create opportunities for concrete experiences.This gives students the opportunity to actively engage in their learning process, and apply the concepts to real world experiences.

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Dewey advocates for progressive methods to have an experiential component and not rely on content based styles.I’ll tell you a secret, I was not always fond of reading!That is almost sacrilegious coming from an English Professor, instructor and researcher, but it is the truth.Time them to see how much they can ‘free write’ in their journals Curate a robust lexicon Build a strong vocabulary!Have your child record a new word they learned every week in their journal.

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