Mythology of modern dating methods

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Textbooks, scientific journals, and major media outlets never question these evolutionary assumptions of millions of years.

This worldview is considered an open and shut case.

The concept of the universe being speculated as being eons of years old goes all the way back to the Greek philosophers on of Roman times and even earlier than that.

Some of the newest numbers from string theorist have moved the 13.8-Billion-year needle to some 15 to 20 billion years.These estimates are not based on observable science (string theory is not observable either) but are based on assumptions.One thing for sure, all these assumptions require great epochs of time to have accomplished the organized universe and diversity of life we find here on earth.First radiometric methods were invented by Earnest Rutherford in 1905.Carbon 14 dating specifically was not invented until 1940 by Martin Kamen.

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