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About 14-16 Filipinos get infected by HIV every day in 2014 – compared to one to two individuals per day back in 2008.

Through World Vision’s Channels of Hope (COH) program, local partners in Baseco join the journey to fully understand the reality and risks of HIV and AIDS.

Along the coast of Manila Bay is the densely populated urban community named Village 649, also known as Baseco, where over 55,000 people reside.

Channels of Hope programming is inspired by the ‘salt and light’ guiding principle, which is scripturally found in Matthew -16.3 Being salt and light means being in service to those in need and upholding the dignity of people unconditionally through love and acceptance.

COH in Baseco is also hoped to reach more faith-based communities and high schools.

The action team also aspires to have a steady stream of community-based counselors to help people who are not yet ready to undergo voluntary testing but are open to counseling support.

Orientations through COH led to more community-based initiatives like the CHAT.

CHAT or Community-Based Hope Action Team (CHAT) is a group of community advocates from different sectors including local government officials, churches, peoples’ organizations, and the youth promoting awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS across sectors while confronting common misconceptions about the epidemic.“The action teams in Baseco are very proactive.

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