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The couple, who were married for nearly 12 years, had a contentious relationship and were often seen fighting on camera over Simon’s frustration about the way Tamra parented, dressed and carried herself around her friends. After criticizing Tamra’s little black dress (“It looks like something a 20-year-old would wear … She finally hit her breaking point, snapping over his attempt to control her while in a limousine en route to a party. (Tamra has a 31-year-old son, Ryan Vieth, from a previous relationship).

” Once inside the party, she broke down to Gunvalson. But even well after the tattoo of Simon’s name was surgically removed from her ring finger and Tamra married third husband Eddie Judge, she still found herself fighting with Simon.

Unfortunately, he is hurting our children and my family in the process.

I love my children more than anything in this world.

cameras, the drama around her family situation exploded Monday when Sidney put her mother on blast, claiming Tamra “was no mother to me.” So how did things get so bad between them? In March 2014, he attempted to get full custody of their kids, releasing court documents that said she had been neglectful of them.

Jennifer had her twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony.“Spencer lives with me full time, Sidney lives with her dad full time and it’s actually a heartbreaking situation because he doesn’t talk to his father and Sidney doesn’t talk to me,” Tamra said.“The only time they see each other is when they pass each other in the hallways at school. I beg and ask that we can fix it, but it’s got to be from both sides.” She tearfully recalled to the moment Sidney told her she wanted to leave.A source has told the site that the woman 'intended to release old texts with Alex from when they were dating, and make it seem like he was still contacting her while dating Jennifer.'A-Rod has reportedly told the woman he won't pay and is in a 'committed' relationship with Jennifer.The star has also informed his legal team who are preparing to go the the police if the threats continue.

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