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Within the space of two weeks, women, average women (average looking) have been given two news items to think about in the mixed message department of sexual politics.

Timewise, we first have the “Louie” episode, “So Did the Fat Lady.” The gist of it is that Louie is pining after the attractive waitresses at his nightclub and ignoring the energetic, smart fat girl. “One of us in this relationship needs to be thin.” Yeah.

Young men, older men, fat men, thin men, sporty men, men that would be considered “super handsome”, men who have big old issues and even a few douchebags.

It’s all a process of elimination really – meeting guys and eliminating those that aren’t suitable for whatever reason.

George Costanza on “Seinfeld” was a short, pudgy, balding, largely underemployed whiny schmendrick who didn’t see why he couldn’t date models. I can count on both hands the number of dates I’ve had and still have unused fingers. I remember some friends in my law school class approaching one of my male classmates on my behalf. Not saying I always do), talk baseball, politics, culture. Back to the TV sitcoms, after the rejection comes the ice cream binges or adopting a bunch of cats or an awkward attempt at lesbianism.

And when you consider how attractive confidence is, it’s no wonder that fat women often feel very intimidated about the whole dating thing. Fat woman is rejected horribly, loses confidence, avoids the situation, loses more confidence, feels unattractive and worthless, and so on.

I know, I have been there myself for large chunks of my life, until I started to gain the confidence and stronger self esteem that I have built up today.

They are often more “gun-shy” than their slimmer counterparts, simply because when they have suffered rejection (and every single human suffers rejection, not just fat people), it has been particularly nasty and cruel.

The guy who rejects the slim girl is less likely to insult her as viciously about it.

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