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We support free video cams and audio chatting in the majority of our rooms.

All of our chat rooms are staffed with online moderators to keep your visit clean, safe, relaxing and fun. We respect everyones privacy and that is of major importance to us.

But in my experience, when it comes to hosting and recording remote video conversations, Zoom is the only freebie (as in zero cost) that has good video recording built-in.

Move your cursor near the bottom of the frame to display the bottom toolbar, and click “Invite” to invite people to your online meeting.

You can either let Zoom send (“zoom”) the invites to participants, or you can copy the meeting URL and send it in an email, by Twitter, or via Facebook — or perhaps with quantum telepathy, if that’s your preference. It records until you click “Stop Recording” in the upper left corner of the screen or when you end the meeting. Both Skype and the latest iteration of Google Hangout require third-party screen software to record video.

In addition, the window showing the respondent can be larger than in the example you see here.

We see to it that a compatible webcam is shipped to each respondent and they are provided with the technical support to get them up and running. Contact us now for more information and pricing of Video Focus Groups!

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