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Traditional email and phone support channels aren’t enough.

Today’s customers expect online chat options so they can talk with a customer service agent.

Instead of answering the same question repeatedly, create a knowledge base where frequently asked questions can be published.

Customer service agents can use this knowledge base in their replies and customers can proactively find answers to their questions too.

Bill Carmody is the founder and CEO of Trepoint and a 22-year digital marketing veteran.

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And others, such as Vita Student, are seeing more than 42% conversion with people they are chatting with on their website.

Customer service agents should be trained and have knowledge of where and how to find published FAQs.

A best practice is to maintain the online chat FAQs in a customer community.

Zendesk had similar findings, noting that live chat had the highest rated customer satisfaction delivering a whopping 92% for live chat over voice, web forms, email and Facebook.

Not only does live chat result in customer satisfaction, but it can also lead to sales.

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